Corona Virus Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Coronavirus did not take the world by surprise.  As early as December 2019 this contagious respiratory disease was first detected in China.  In 2019 the CDC issued Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations.  In January 2020 President Trump was warned by one of his top White House advisers that the coronavirus had the potential to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans, especially elderly in nursing homes and similar facilities.

How to Stop the Cycle of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

7 Ways to Stop the Cycle of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes Nursing homes and assisted living facilities may be liable liability for of Elder Abuse.Elder abuse takes on many forms: Psychological, Physical, and Financial Nursing homes and assisted living facilities continue to experience record-breaking reports of abuse and neglect. 2 million seniors are victims …

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Amputation Injury Lawsuits

Recovering Compensation for Amputation Victims Amputation injuries may result from: Medical malpractice, Defective products, Motor vehicle collisions, Falls, and Work place injuries. We have obtained successful results in a variety of cases including: Above the knee amputations; Below the knee amputations; Upper Extremity Amputations; and Partial Amputations Helping Amputees Navigate Complex Legal Issues An amputation …

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Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome develops when swelling or bleeding occurs within a “compartment” in the body. It is a painful condition that results when pressure within the muscles builds to dangerous levels and does not subside. Often it occurs after a a traumatic event, such as a fractured limb. The connective tissue inside a limb, known as …

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